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PS3 Toolset v1.1.003

The PS3 Toolset is a repository project for tools built upon my latest ps3 exploitation framework v4.1.
New tools & features should be added to this repository with time.
I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them.

This website does not collect or store any information of personal or technical nature related to you or your console.
No data from your console ever gets transmitted to our web server when using the PS3 Toolset tools, all operations are conducted locally.
Cookies are used locally on the ps3 for persisting a handful of PS3 Toolset variables from one session to the next.

Latest News

05/06/2021 Update v1.1.003
  • Added support for 4.88 CEX
  • Flash NC Exploit update v3.0
  • FMM update v1.3.1
  • JS Framework update v4.2

Just a minor release!

General Information

  • You are free to use the tools in this project at your own risk. Keep in mind that no official support is provided, if you experience any kind of problem & find yourself in need of help, I strongly recommend that you turn to the PS3Xploit sub-forum on for support & guidance..
  • The Flash Player 9 browser plugin must be enabled to use the PS3 Toolset.
    If ever you disabled it permanently in the current user profile, you may need to log in as another user or create a new profile to be able to use any of the tools in this project.
  • You can enable Flash permanently by checking the "Do not display again" checkbox in the plugin confirmation screen before accepting to load the Flash plugin.
  • It is highly recommended that you adjust the console's System Time settings properly to avoid any time related issues with the browser and/or the Flash Player plugin.
  • To avoid potential crashes, you should never attempt to close the browser while toolset operations are in progress, especially when the browser exit confirmation setting is turned off.

Minimum Requirements

  • PS3 Browser Flash Player 9 Plugin enabled
  • PS3 Browser Javascript enabled
  • PS3 Browser Cookies enabled
  • PS3 Firmware: 4.80/4.81/4.82/4.83/4.84/4.85/4.86/4.87/4.88
  • PS3 Firmware Type: OFW/HFW/MFW/CFW
  • PS3 Firmware mode: CEX/DEX
  • PS3 System Time accurately set


My warmest thanks to Jason, for his friendship & support of course, but in the context of this project, also for testing my work all year round whenever needed.

The PS3 Toolset & its GUI were built in native js upon various open source js libraries including jQuery, jQueryUI, bigInteger, jstree, mCustomScrollbar, js-logger, js-cookie, sjcl, switchButton & toastmessage as well as the Fork Awesome CSS icon library.
Thanks to all the coders involved in the various projects.

Thanks to ps3/vita scene hackers, developers, forum creators and psdevwiki contributors, all essential in bringing us to this point.

Help & Donations

On behalf of the PS3Xploit team & users, I would like to convey our sincere thanks to all Paypal donators for their support to date, their contributions so far have allowed the team to cover the ever growing maintenance costs.
We need your continued support if we are to keep providing the services we offer both free & ad-free. If you wish to help us, consider a donation via Paypal at or in BTC at either of the addresses below.

Legacy P2PKH
Segwit BECH32

Logs v1.1

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